FREE site to host your blog or website.

WordPress not only is FREE but is very easy to learn and use.  The only drawback is that you can not make money or have adds on your blog or website.

But my idea of using WordPress, is that I hope to dray some viewers first.  Then if I find I have several thousand viewers, I will pay someone to host my site and I can add some adds to make money.

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FREE ebook on creating and marketing a website from scratch!

The basic information in this book is very solid, need to know information.  The authors tries again and again to send you to a site that will give her a some money for sending you to them.  But she also mentions WordPress, which I use, and is FREE to everyone.

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FREE web hosting!

Hosting your website is easy with Wix hosting service.  It’s FREE, save and secure.

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FREE e-store hosting!

Webplus Shop Hosting will let you have up to 5,000 products in your FREE store.  Your store will be paid for by ad-supported hosting.  FREE stores are make possible by the display of third-party advertising on your webpages.

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List your blog on 133 directories!

This site offers a blog ping service that pings well over 100 tested and functioning blog directories (actually 133 at last update). You must register, but registration is totally free.

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