FREE site to host your blog or website.

WordPress not only is FREE but is very easy to learn and use.  The only drawback is that you can not make money or have adds on your blog or website.

But my idea of using WordPress, is that I hope to dray some viewers first.  Then if I find I have several thousand viewers, I will pay someone to host my site and I can add some adds to make money.

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FREE 5,836 FREE Templates!

Welcome to! We have a collection of 5836 Free Templates available for download created by designers from around the globe. Our collection is growing daily so be sure to check back often for more Free Templates.

If you can’t find a Free Template that suits your needs, we have links to many professional web templates and flash web templates.

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FREE Ebook articles!

This list of 19 comes with the following proclamation. We have gathered this collection of free articles for you to utilize. Feel free to use one or all of them.

Achieving Ebook Goals

Ebooks and Growing Residual Income

Ebooks Meeting the Demand

Ebooks-Marketing the Worm Farm

Ebooks: Categorically Speaking

End Downtime by Creating and Selling Ebooks

Free eBooks Do Generate Book Sales

How to Make Money with E-books

How to Write Your Own Ebook

Information Publishing – The Ultimate Internet Business

Making Ebooks Readable

Overview of Ebooks

The Historical Ebook

The History of Electronic Books

Why Ebooks are a Promotional Powerhouse

Why Ebooks Were Developed

Work at Home-Writing E-books for Profit

Write An Ebook And Make A Ton Of Money

Writing Ebooks For Profit

Instantly create FREE polls!

You read correctly. All you do is go to this website and type in your Question.  Then you may list up to thirty answers to each Question.

When you have finished with your poll.  You just click the button that says, “get Poll Code!  When you finish they give you an HTML code to paste into your website.

Or you can quick post your poll to MySpace, Facebook, WordPress and many more places.

FREE WordPress Tutorials

Make Your Own Website: The 5 Step Blueprint

Basic – 14 – Tutorials

Beginner – with Some Experience – 6 Tutorials

Intermediate – 14 Tutorials

Advanced only 1 Tutorial called, “How to Make Changes to a WordPress Theme Sidebar Using a Text Editor”.

Now is that advanced enough for you?

This can all be found at:Make Your Own Website: The 5 Step Blueprint

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